Apple Eying Open Wireless Spectrum Battle

pillowfight2007.jpgAccording to multiple Business Week sources, Apple has been considering the merits of bidding on the 700Mhz open wireless spectrum that goes up for grabs this January. Expected to sell for around $9 billion, most say Apple has the liquidity to make the purchase—even amongst competition like Google.

What would the deal mean for Apple fans? Think iTunes content that hits your iPhone/iPod/iMysteryDevice in data rates faster than WiFi. And of course, think voice transmission without relying upon the AT&Ts of the world.

But the purchase would mandate a lot of infrastructure and busy work. Presumably Apple would farm out logistics to another firm, but's a commitment that brings you directly into the wireless service world, which is full of headaches and federal regulation.

And who says $9 billion will take this spectrum? How the hell do we know how much cash is needed when some of the richest, most leveraged technology companies in the world are duking it out for US data dominance?

So who do you want to take the spectrum? [businessweek]

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