Aiptek A-HD Camcorder Stoops to New Low as Cheapest HD Camcorder

aiptek_hd720front.jpgWe were shocked, shocked! when Aiptek rolled out a $299 720p GO-HD camcorder last May, but now the company's topped that pinnacle of cheapness with the Aiptek 720p A-HD camcorder, a stripped-down version of its piece-of-shit brandmate, rolling in at a rock-bottom $169.99.


The company's taken out the optical zoom and substituted a 4x digital zoom (which to us doesn't even count as a zoom at all), but kept that inexplicable 2.4-inch 4x3 LCD viewscreen, apparently too cheap to actually offer the widescreen 16x9 view of typical HD camcorders. But the thing actually shoots in 1280x720 16x9. Go figure. Look out for this one, coming soon to a cereal box near you. Maybe they'll offer it as a Cracker Jacks prize. The only thing we can see using this for would be a disposable crashcam. [Aiptek, via Digital Camcorder News]

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