AH-64D Apache Rechargeable Micro RC Helicopter is Licensed by Boeing

apache_front.jpgLooks like one more of those tiny styrofoam helicopters has taken to the air, and just like the others, this one pretty much goes up, down, and bangs into walls. This AH-64D Apache Rechargeable Micro RC Helicopter is supposedly so realistic it's officially licensed by Boeing (that Apache name was the part that was licensed, not the design). More pics, post-jump.


It does seem to have a few more design details than its run-of-the-mill PicoZ brandmate, but it looks like its flying mechanism is the same. The company mentions it has a "super wide infrared remote controller," but that looks just about the same, too.

If you do want to fly one of these $32.90 choppers, here's a helpful hint: Slightly bend the tail rudder and you get just enough directional control to accurately fly the thing. [Brando]

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