21 New DirecTV HD Channels Go Live, More To Come

directvhd100.jpgDirecTV rolled out 21 of its promised 100 new HD channels today, boosting its HD count to 37 networks in all. Some of these, such as Showtime too, Starz West, and The Weather Channel, are total fluff. However, some of these, such as the NFL Network and A&E are welcome additions. Animal Planet and the Discovery channel were also listed among the new titles, but weren't there already HD channels for these two networks? Either way, we're just happy to have more pretty pretty TV to drool over. [DBSTalk]

AU: Yep, irrelevant in purest content, but I just want someone at Foxtel to see this. Please, Foxtel! Even a single HD channel would be a step forward! One of those nice National Geographic type HD channels would be pretty sweet.

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