Zen Design's SEE Toys Draw Power From Children

bilde.jpgIf I said we should use toddlers as an energy source to fuel personal electronics, you'd think I was psycho. But according to the Detroit News, Michigan inventor Sun Yu is unveiling SEE Toys with glowing LEDs and digital speakers that draw power from kids' energetic play.

SEE Toys, whose name is an acronym of "safety, ecology and economy," will each have a hand crank that will charge up the batteries. Dynafly, one of the toys with a light-up white eyes and a smoldering red tail, laughs and buzzes when cranked. The toys will range in price from $20 to $30.

Next up, Yu will be designing a cell phone charger that feeds off both the laughter and tears of children. At least, that's what he should be working on. [Product Site via Detroit News]

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