XM's XpressRC Features Color Screen, Preset Channels, Instant Replay

XpressRC.jpgIn spite of having hardware partners, XM still develops its products in-house, which explains why every XM product has the same basic look and feel. The XpressRC, technically from Delphi, marries the color screen you've seen on the Samsung Helix/Pioneer Inno product with the XpressR-style split screen for browsing without losing "now playing" info.It's also got a buffer that records the last 60 minutes of programming so you can go back to hear what you missed, and it stores 10 of your favorite songs (as opposed to hundreds or thousands, presumably satisfying some pledge to the feisty recording industry). It also lets you select 10 channels as presets for instant recall—just like my car radio has done for like 20 years.


XpressRC, first-ever satellite radio featuring full-color split-screen display, 60-minute replay and song storage, will be music to subscribers' ears

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Aug. 13, 2007 - XM (NASDAQ: XMSR), the nation's leading satellite radio company, today unveiled an all-new radio with advanced browsing capability. The XpressRC provides listeners with the richest possible experience, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in XM's impressive breadth of brilliant and dynamic content. The radio will redefine the music lover's listening experience with a vibrant full-color split-screen display, 60-minute pause and replay, and the ability to save up to 10 favorite songs for time-shifted listening.

"You don't live in a black and white world, so why should your XM experience be limited to black and white? The XpressRC is vibrant and offers a wealth of features and functions, ensuring the richest satellite radio experience available," said Blair Kutrow, XM senior vice president, product and campaign marketing. "The debut unit promises to take music, sports and entertainment lovers by surprise, reinventing the way they receive and experience XM content. The listening experience will never be the same."

The XpressRC features:

• A stunning customizable, color display that allows XM listeners to view the content they want, including channel, artist name and song title. The split-screen lets listeners view the current channel information on the left side, while browsing to view what is playing on up to three different channels on the right side. The split-screen allows listeners to easily browse to discover what XM content is playing on multiple favorite channels without having to change the dial.

• A buffer that saves the last 60 minutes of programming so listeners can easily replay what they just heard. XpressRC users can also pause the XM programming they are listening to with the option to play that programming as long as it is within the 60-minute timeframe and the unit is not powered off. Never miss a beat, sports play or news item again.

• The ability to easily save up to 10 of the listener's favorite songs for later listening. The split-screen option enables listeners to see the artist and song that is currently playing on the left side of the screen, and view up to five other saved songs on the right side at the same time.

• Quick channel navigation with the option to pre-set up to 10 favorite channels, or press number buttons to enter and move directly to the desired channel. The new radio also features a remote control with pause, replay and direct channel entry buttons. The radio display automatically adjusts brightness from day to night while in the car and includes a customizable stock and sports ticker. It also includes a feature that alerts listeners whenever their favorite songs, artists or sports teams are being played on another channel.

The XpressRC is compact and lightweight and can move easily from the car to a second vehicle, the home and the office with additional accessories.

Manufactured by Delphi, the new XpressRC radio will be available beginning fall 2007 for a suggested retail price of $169.99.

The XpressRC joins a family of Xpress plug-and-play radio products, including: the entry-level XpressEZ, mid-tier Xpress, and the XpressR split-screen radio with 30-minute pause and replay.

To learn more or pre-order the XpressRC, visit www.xmradio.com/xpressrc.

Today discovering new XM content just got easier. With 170 channels to find what turns you on, there's always something surprising just a channel away: a new song, an old favorite, a story, breaking news or a big game.

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