XMI X-Mini, Tiny Subwoofer/Speaker

x-mini.jpgXMI's X-Mini claims to be the "the world's first pocketdize speaker with a built-in bass support and rechargeable battery." Apparently either feature alone is not a world's first, but together...stand back. You have the stuff PR is made of.

Focused on portability, the X-Mini features an extendable, accordion-style vacuum tube that attempts to mimic the resonance of a subwoofer (we don't mean to be complete dicks by saying "attempts" but we'll believe it when we see it). Mids and highs are represented through that top speaker. Playback lasts anywhere from four to six hours, after which time you'll need to pack up the portable party and call it a night. Well, that, or just put on some headphones instead. $37 [product via ohgizmo]

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