X2 RC Car Wants 200mph Record

x2rccar.jpgI still remember the first RC car I played with. That little dune buggy wasn't fast, and it really wasn't fun, considering it was connected by a cable to the remote itself (so you had to jog with it to go more than a few feet). RC cars have come a long way since then, and enthusiast/designer Nic Case hopes his latest car, the X2, can break the 200mph mark. A 29.6 volt motor powers the rather bland body while special foam tires are used to prevent melting at crazy high RPMs. Hit the jump for a video of some X2 test runs, along with a video of Nic's current world record holder, the 134.4mph TC3. The X2 in action:

The record holding TC3: [Fast RC via Jalopnik]

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