VPapers Self-Sticking Rolling Papers Take the Lick Out Of Smoking

papers_vpaper.jpgStop licking that blunt, getting your spit all over it and everything, and start using these self-stick VPapers from Sustainable Trading Limited. Apparently creating and the patenting self-sticking rolling papers is not quite as simple as you might think.

These guys did extensive market research, probably involving smoking lots and lots of, uh, vegetable material, just to make sure the finished product was up to snuff. The researchers discovered that "more than half the people we spoke to said whilst they love the ritual of rolling, they would rather not have to lick their cigarette to seal it shut." Now they've patented the process, somehow making the ends self-sticking while still making the papers easy to package and dispense.

Stamps are increasingly self-sticking, why not rolling papers? Great idea. Vpapers are available in a couple of different weights, and also in regular and king-size, giving you a nice long 100mm smoke. Fire 'em up. [VPapers]

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