Vision 20/20 Website Puts Sex Offenders on Map

sexoffender.jpgWant to make friends with sex offenders but aren't quite sure where they live? Let Vision 20/20 help you. The free web-based program gives users the ability to find the location of any sex offenders living in their area — including the crimes and the intensely creepy mugshots for each. The program is easy to use — simply input your address, city and zip code, and a flashy map pops up with mustached, Village People-style markers showing you where your local neighborhood creep is.

According to the Vision 20/20 website, there's 650,000 registered sex offenders in the US and they've got them all placed neatly on a map for you. Try it — it's fun for the whole vigilante-loving family. [Vision 20/20 via TechCrunch]

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