V.I.O. DivX Helmet Cam is Waterproof and DVD Res

viohelmetcam.jpgThe V.I.O. helmet cam is remarkable in several ways. First off, it's a self contained unit that has a lens, and recorder/converter, both water and shockresistant to 1m. It captures to DivX/MPEG4 to the tune of 720x480 pixels at 1GB/40 minutes. The camera is functional to -40 to 185 degrees F, and has a preview screen on the base unit for deleting boring clips. And it has a remote control. It can use SD cards up to 2GB, meaning you can get about 80 minutes of recording time. That's a whole lotta jackass-styled stunts. [V.I.O via helmetcamcentral]

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