Vintage Star Wars Machine Costs Curren(t)cy

Cabinet-White-top.jpgWhile we're all waiting around for light sabers to be invented, there must be a better way to occupy our time than staring at walls of unopened action figures (at the comic book store, we're too cheap) or hitting up message boards to debate over which Leia was the hottest (not bikini Leia, I would argue). Maybe this 1983 Star Wars Cockpit Arcade Game will give us something more tangible for our efforts, like a high score, or better yet, a higher score.

Featuring four triggers for each of four laser canons, you can blast green-matrix TIE fighters for hours on end while Skywalker, Obi-Wan and Han Solo quote you favorite lines to your heart's content. Of course, at $7,100 this restored game isn't cheap. But just think of all the quarters you'll save...or would save...if this were still 1983...and arcades still existed... [product via redferret]

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