Verizon Readying a 15 Phone Barrage for the Rest of '07

verizon_canon.jpgPhone Arena snagged some docs laying bare the rest of Verizon's 2007 release schedule—no major surprises here, with most of the heavy hitters Verizon versions of stuff we've already seen, or at least heard about: the Blackberry Pearl, for instance, isn't exactly tingling our spines with freshness. Hit the jump for a down-and-dirty bullet point runthrough of the fall spoilers. • Moto Q9m and Q9c are the CDMA versions of the Q9h, and the consumer and business models, respectively. Q9m probably dropping by the end of the month; Q9c available Q4.

• UTStarcom SMT5800 (HTC Libra) is a WM6 smartphone with both a numeric and sliding QWERTY keyboard, 2MP cam, 128MB flash, 64MB RAM, EV-DO (upgradeable to Rev. A). Most likely available in Oct.

Samsung i760 is hitting in Sept.

• Another HTC phone, a Verizon version of the Mogul (UTStarcom XV6800)—same specs as Sprint's model it seems, also dropping in October.

• Palm Treo 755p will be in available in November, running Palm OS 5.4.9.

• RIM BlackBerry 8130 Pearl is another Verizon version of older phone, though it comes with a 2MP cam and EV-DO—still, not so exciting with the Pearl 2 around the corner. No release date mentioned, oddly.

Moto Z6c Jackques is EV-DO CDMA but packs GSM for jetsetters who can wait until Nov. Its cousin, the Z6tv, um, has TV features, available "second half" of '07, we presume.

• Verizon CDM-8630 is an entry level with a simple UI and one-touch dialing, also second half of '07.

• Samsung SCH-U410 and LG VX5400 are two mid-level clamshells due by year's end, replacing the U340 and VX5300, respectively. The LG VX8300 is also getting bumped in that time frame, by the VX8350.

• Ending the list is a pair of Samsung phones: a CDMA version of the U700 and the U900, which looks to sport a 3MP cam and high-res camcorder. Both are slotted for the last half of '07.

Okay, end spoilers. [Phone Arena, Image via Flickr]

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