Venzero Slickr PMP Wants to Be iPhone Nano

slickr1.jpgIf it looks a bit like an iPhone nano but doesn't work like one, it could be a Slickr. Sporting the same sleek looks that made the iPhone a hit (in a smaller frame), the Slickr loses a lot of cool points when you realize it doesn't have touch screen capabilities. Even though it's reliant on button navigation, this German beauty still has a few handy features that could make it worth the $129 price tag.slickr3.jpgIt's smaller than the iPhone in both stature and size, bringing home a mere 2GB of memory with an SD card slot for expansion. You can play MP3s, WMAs, and WAV files, view JPEGs and watch AVI movies on the 2.83" TFT screen. An FM radio is also tucked away inside, and if you don't need to use headphones you can try the built-in speaker instead.

slickr2.jpgYou can also record voice memos in WAV format, which segues nicely to another unique feature of the Slickr: MUSICMARKER. It's basically Verizon's SongID or AT&T's MusicID phone service that listens to a song and deduces the track title and artist by analyzing the sounds. Unlike those services, though, the MUSICMARKER requires users to connect their Slickr to their computer before the analysis can take place, so you won't be able to actually ID any songs until long after you've heard them.

Functional, chic and cheap, the Venzero Slickr is coming stateside sometime in August, but you can pick one up now from Venzero's site if you're willing to splurge on the shipping. [Venzero Slickr via Crave]

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