Using Belkin's Weird Powerstrips

IMG_1200.jpg[Cue Fairytale music...] Once upon a time, a geek found that he had way too many gadgets, and too few AC outlets to use them all at once. A simple powerstrip would have been a easy fix, but because he considered himself a serious gearhead, he wanted *special* powerstrip. The first one he tried was called the Compact, by Belkin, but had room on top for 4 small sockets, and on its side, 4 great big sockets standing vertically. It was terrific, but maybe too simple; and anyhow, there were actually two more powerstrips by Belkin that were more interesting. One, called the Clamp-On had a claw on it for being mounted on a desk. And one was huge, and had a cable organizer. One was very, very good, and one sucked so bad, it made the geek want to plug it into a heavy, heavy VCR, climb into a rowboat, and drop it to the bottom of the sea.

IMG_9366.jpg The "Clamp On" powerstrip with the claw on it had a box with a picture on it. The picture explained what the claw was for — attaching it to desks or 2x4 planks of wood! It appeared to have space for 4 small power plugs, and 2 large blocks. This could be useful for keeping outlets off the floor, and close to his work area. But alas, the stupid powerstrip's jaws were too wide to clamp onto a desk, with it's puny spring loaded rubberized and orange teeth. It sagged, and threatened to leap to the floor when the outlets were filled with hungry three-pronged plugs. And too narrow to clamp on a 2x4. It only fit on his weirdly shaped Swedish furniture. (Despite the photo on the box, it was limited to grabbing onto the edges of things no greater than 1.5-inches thick.) A real engineer would have used a vice grip, he thought. IMG_9373.jpg

The next powerstrip, Conceal was gigantic. It was at least twice as big a the other powerstrips. What a waste of space, the geek thought, as he thumbed the hard plastic case. There was a single lonely outlet on the side of this whale of a powerstrip. Strange. Where were the other outlets? Right after he'd finished this thought, his finger happened upon a button. Click! IMG_9388.jpg The case opened up, and inside were 10 outlets — 6 little outlets, next to gold-plated coax, ethernet, and RJ-11 power filters, and room for 4 big blocks. All through the top of the case were nooks for cable routing, and a space to pass all the cords through the top. This was the perfect powerstrip for a livingroom, where the cables need to be tucked away nicely.

AND THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER. THE END...FOR NOW. Dun dun DUUUUN.* (I've been writing too many news pieces, lately. Had to break it up. Humor me.)


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