USB-Powered CD Destroyer Mauls a Disc in Five Seconds

CD_Destroyer_front.jpgKeep that schoolmarm from perusing your porn with this USB-powered CD destroyer from Brando. In just five seconds, this hungry beast renders any CD or DVD unreadable, grinding in devastating circular scratches and resulting in a strangely beautiful coaster that reminds us of a Spirograph.

AU: I regularly have discs that need clean and efficient destruction. I usually knife the surface, inhaling nasty disc dust as I go. I think I'll buy me one of these. -SB

It even includes a leather case for destroying CDs on the go. Sure beats breaking up a CD into little pieces, resulting in glass-like shards that might actually be able to draw blood.

Believe it or not, some desperate dweebs rummage around in the trash looking for things like old CDs and DVDs, hoping that perhaps a bit of financial data might have been carelessly left on board. If you keep such data on removable medias, this mutha might be worth a $29 investment. [Brando]

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