USB Calculator Mouse Puts the Numbers Where You Need Them

11751.jpgYesterday we showed you a mouse with a keypad under its lid, but here's an idea for number-crunching road warriors that might be even better: a USB mouse with an integrated calculator. Just like that keypad mouse, this could useful for laptop users who don't have a keypad that's easily used. A major difference is that this calculator mouse is a real, shipping product, and that keypad mouse is just a design concept.This $30 mouse is also an improvement over that numerical keypad because its screen shows you the results of your calculations, and you don't need to use any of your precious laptop's screen real estate to see that calculator application running, nor do you need to run any additional apps just to add up a few numbers.

Now all they need to do is make this sucker wireless and place little lid on top so you're not always feeling those calculator keys on your palm, and it might be worth taking along in the travel bag. [Prezzybox, via Coolest Gadgets]

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