UCSD Engineers Build Highest Resolution Display in the World

hugescreen.jpgImagine how good Jessica Alba would look on a display 100 times the quality of an HDTV? Engineers at the University of California in San Diego have built the world's highest-resolution computer display which, at 220 mega-pixels, is 100 more higher than a high definition TV. The 55-panel display is linked through a fiber optic Ethernet cable to a 50-panel high-resolution display in UC Irvine (the previous mega-pixel record-holder at 200) to form the "Highly Interactive Parallelized Display Space" or HIPerSpace or just, "the nerdiest name ever."

The displays are available to teams of scientists and engineers working in the Earth sciences, biomedical engineering, genomics, climate prediction, brain imaging and, yes, going for the easy joke here — porn. The high-resolution displays allow the researchers to take in the broad view of images as well as the detailed inner-workings — something we can't wait to do with our favorite celebrity's face. [InformationWeek]

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