Twenty20 VholdR Camera is XTREME

vholder.jpgTwenty20's VholdR is no helmet cam, my friends. No no. It's a "wearable camcorder." How exactly you wear it, we have no clue. But other than this slight stipulation, the VholdR actually looks like a pretty solid (crazy sports) camcorder.

AU: Twenty20? Like cricket? Tee hee!

Enclosed in aluminum casing, the rugged VholdR is shock and splash proof for all-terrain shooting. One-button operation makes it suitable for gloved activities, even if a bit restricting for the settingphile. And a 192-degree rotating lens will allow for mounting flexibility, while twin laser alignment helps you gauge just what injuries are being shot at all times. At $350, we'd still like to know what media the VholdR will record to, but it's a promising product in the meantime.

Because if only I were wearing a VholdR right now, you could all see how fucking xtreme I am. [vholdr] Thanks Cedric!

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