Tranquilizer Necklace; Be Annoying, Get Stabbed

airplane-security-collar.jpgInventor Paolo Valletta would like to relieve you of your right to flying fear-free with what we have called his "Tranquilizer Necklace" concept.

The diagram above displays a design for a deterrent against unruly behaviour during air travel. Essentially, the passenger would be required to wear the collar, which would be controlled remotely. If the said passenger were to shout like a sissy or do anything slightly alarming, the air marshal/steward/stewardess would panic and press the big red button. This would deploy tranquilizers via a syringe, directly into the offender's neck. I am not so keen on being shackled up like a dog every time I get on board a flight. In the bedroom fine...what? I have problems sleeping; tranquilizers would do me a world of good. Also, the dog collar would be great for sex games. Anyway, lets just hope no government body is crazy enough to commission this plastic, remote controlled, tranquilizer toting, human rights infringement. Amnesty international are you listening - human rights infringement we cry! Amnesty international do great work and they are not a joke - I'm sorry. [Geekologie]

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