Toto's Neorest Hybrid Toilet is World's Most Efficient

neorest_hybrid.jpgYou remember Toto, don't you? Not the dog but the toilet company in Japan that makes those Neorest toilets with the "washlet" under the lid. Now it's taken that butt-spraying goodness a step further with its Neorest Hybrid Series toilets, which use less water than any other, just 5.5 liters (1.45 gallons) per flush. It's also jumping into a new hatbox-shaped design that mimics Kohler's "Purist" hatbox toilet (1.6 gallons per flush) that's been available for a couple of years.

Toto has been in a competition with Matsushita in Japan to make the most efficient toilet, where Matsushita had a 5.7 liter-per-flush toilet released late last year, but now Toto roars back with this Neorest Hybrid Series. The company didn't announce pricing just yet, but if this one is in line with Toto's other Neorest toilets, it will probably start around $4000. [Far East Gizmos]

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