Microsoft Releases Another Halo Zune, Only for Military Personnel

halozune.jpgBeing a soldier isn't an easy job. If you aren't being shot at in hostile territory, you're doing lots of pushups and getting haircuts. At least that's what movies have lead me to believe. Well, Microsoft wants to give something back to our servicemen and women, which is why they're releasing an exclusive Halo Zune for military personnel. But wait, Microsoft is giving these to the troops for free, right? Well, not exactly.

They're giving 300 of them to a group of soldiers leaving for active duty today, with the rest of them being available for sale exclusively at "military retail stores." The Zunes will be brown with fancy Halo artwork and will come pre-loaded with artwork, trailers, and music from all three Halo games. No word on whether or not this Military exclusive will sell to soldiers for any cheaper than the standard pricepoint of $250.

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