TomTom Introduces GO 920 and GO 920T with Voice Controls

TomTom_GO_920.jpgTomTom will ship a new high-end navigator in the US, the Go 920 series, including the $599 Go 920 and the Go 920 T (for "traffic"), which will sell at a premium likely to be $100 more. The key to the new flagship is voice control: you can use TomTom's Voice Address Input to name your destination out loud.

920 T + Laptop.jpg920 T + Tasche Dock Fernbedienung.jpg920 T 3_4_left.jpg920 T front.jpg920 T im Auto an der Scheibe.jpg920 T in

In addition to the voice command, the 920 will have an FM transmitter and Bluetooth speakerphone, as well as TomTom's new MapShare community map-fixing service. The 920 T will also come with an RDS-TMC receiver to pick up traffic data to use in navigation. (The RDS-TMC receiver add-on currently costs $129, and is compatible with most TomTom navigators.)

TomTom also confirmed the US edition of the TomTom ONE Third Edition, which will sell for $249 in the US. (We told you about it a few days ago.)

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