TiVo HD Actually Needs TiVo Wireless Adapter

medium_880730786_7c0b3929fc_o.jpgQuick note to TiVo HD buyers and potential buyers: it looks like you really do need the official TiVo Wireless Adapter. Like the Series 3, TiVo lists on their site that you need to use their branded gear for the unit. And after getting my new TiVo HD in the mail (2 weeks early, which was nice) I tried out the Netgear WG111 that works on my Series 2 to no avail.

While they are upfront about compatibility, it's disappointing that TiVo has gone this direction with third party support. And now I'm a little worried to add on an eSATA drive (a tacitly supported feature on Series 3 units) before more users tinker with the unit and confirm all the units that work. Hit the comments and let us know if you have any third party gear working with the new HD. And if you haven't our reviews, check here and here.

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