Tiny Ionic Wind Engines may Spell the End of Laptop Penis Burn

ioniccooling.jpgA team of researchers from Purdue University has invented a way to cool down computer chips using a breeze made up of charged particles. They say it will increase the cooling rate by 250%; we say it could be the end of "penis burn," that uncomfortable sensation you get when your notebook is parked atop your crotch.In tests, a prototype was attached to a mock computer chip and voltage applied to the ionic engine. This produced positively charged particles, which were dragged toward a negatively charged wire that acted as a cathode, forcing constant air movement and thus boosting cooling.

_44057562_ionic_203.jpgThe device was tried alongside a conventional fan. Using their ionic system dragged air molecules across the chip's surface instead of getting stuck, increasing the cooling rate by as much as 250 percent. Professor Suresh Garimella co-authored the paper, the result of a collaboration between Purdue University and Intel. "Other experimental cooling-enhancement approaches might give you a 40% or a 50% improvement," he said. "A 250% improvement is quite unusual."

Now, all they have to do is build a miniaturized version that is 100 times smaller than the prototype. If it works, the device could be incorporated into products in the next three years. I doubt that all that spermatozoa the future children of the world will be able to wait that long. [BBC News]

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