Three New EasyShare Cameras from Kodak Leaked before IFA

kodak-easyshare-z812-is.jpgA trio of cameras from Kodak, the Z812 IS Megazoom, the V1233 and the V1253 have shown up on the Let's Go Digital website, who apparently got it from the Kodak website. More details and pics about the three compacts below.The Z812 IS Megazoom 12 x optical zoom Schneider Dreuznach Variogon lens Optical Image Stabilization 0.23-second click-to-capture delay 8 Megapixels

kodak-easyshare-v1233.jpgThe V1233 Easyzoom 12 Megapixels 4,000 x 3,000 pixels 720p resolution video 2.5-inch LCD color display Schneider-Kreuznach lens 5 x optical zoom Face detection technology Automatic focus and metering

kodak-easyshare-v1253.jpgThe V1253 Easyzoom 12 Megapixel 720p resolution video 3.1-inch widescreen color LCD display Kodak Color Science Chip Schneider-Kreuznach lens 5 x digital zoom Face detection technology automatic focus and metering

No prices yet, but expect to see them at IFA. [Let's Go Digital via i4U]

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