Three Concept Video Projectors for Gaming More than All White

08.07_userdesigned_07.jpgThese three objects are all video projectors that go by the name of Trisha, Dane and Trey. They are the fruits of a collaboration between Texas Instruments, Ignition, DLP and a trio of students on a Masters program in video game development at Southern Methodist University. See them after the jump.08.07_userdesigned_01.jpgThe designs of Trisha Swanson (her design is the one sporting a bit of custard on it), Dane Munkholm, whose projector is the most retro of the three, and Trey McCool (is it just me or does his look like something that fell off a Stormtrooper?) all made the cut, with TI making up working prototypes of their machines in time for CES. Well done, ks. [UberGizmo via Core 77]

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