The Unknown Differences Between the RAZR2, Carrier to Carrier

IMG_1161.jpgApparently, every major carrier is getting a RAZR2. But that doesn't mean they're identical. Between the stores, network technology, and the custom UIs, each is different...and some better than others. Here's is a brief guide to which RAZR2 has what:

AU: This is actually pretty interesting even though it has bugger all to do with our local scene. Seeing that a phone set to be marketed as the same thing on different networks can have genuinely different features and hardware on board can be a big problem as a buyer. If you stick with your network whatever the case, you won't get a choice. But if you want the best handset of the bunch, it pays to know what's what.

•The RAZR V9m is the CDMA version, and will be available on Sprint, Verizon, Alltel, Us Cellular, and MetroPCS. Many of the differences here are on the "CLI", the RAZR2's haptic external touchscreen. Oh, and none of the CDMA versions have crystal speak, the tech that turns up volume of the earpiece when a bus rumbles by, while also noise cancelling the rumble in the microphone. (CDMA quality is better than GSM, and doesn't need this, according to Motorola.)

Alltel and US Cellular's V9m has the CLI buttons in this layout: Recent Calls, Music, Messaging.

Verizon's V9m has vCast music stores, and it's CLI buttons like so: Camera, Music, Voice.

Sprint has its music store, TV, and a multimedia CLI like this: SprintTV, Camera, Music.

•The V9, sans "M" is AT&T's. It's a hair thicker, because it has a lot of stuff in there for GSM/GPS (Assisted, likely)/ HSDPA, UMTS. AT&T's CLI interface is actually very music oriented: Play, FF, and RW. It also has MobiTV, XM streaming, and a full HTML browser.

•The V8, which is not so dumbed down that it needs a different number designation, is T-Mobile's. It is different, though. EDGE, of course, and 2GB of built in memory that can't be swapped out by MicroSD like the other phones with the "9" in their names. It also has a music oriented CLI interface, with Play, FF, and RW, but that won't show up until your music is playing. The home page has that TMO faves menu, too. It also is a linux based OS, maybe their MOTOMAGX OS. Like the AT&T GSM phone, it has a full HTML browser.

All have stereo bluetooth streaming, and all the specs we noted back on the handset's May launch.

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