The "Ultimate Workstation"

Dscn0461.jpgMy dad always said, computers are like women: if you need more than 2 or 3, you probably aren't using them correctly. But with a 32 computer capacity, the "Ultimate Workstation" spits in the face of average users and opens the door for the potential of...we actually have no clue that they intend on using it for (either cracking the Pentagon or late night WoW sessions, we'd guess). Eight 17" LCD screens are a bit of a letdown in the setup, while eight full keyboards and mice allow four people to dual task at a time, while dropping their Cheeto crumbs on a gigantic 6'x4' sliding keyboard tray. We are a little partial to the 47 PC WoW setup, but the homemade finish on this project reminds us of simpler days, when piling up couch cushions created an impenetrable fortress. And spiking the Kool-Aid referred to urine, not alcohol.

[project via newlaunches]

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