The Tank Prevents Propaneous Interruptus

thetank_gauge.jpgIf you grill using propane fuel, you need The Tank. It prevents that common problem where you suddenly run out of gas in the middle of an intense cooking session—it's propaneous interruptus. The Tank is a typical 20-lb. propane container with a major difference: It has a gauge on top, an indicator valve that's accurate because it measures the liquid propane content and not just the amount of pressure in the tank. And hey, that gauge glows in the dark, too.

What a basic concept! You can clearly see how much propane you have left in the tank. At $53.98, it's significantly more expensive than normal tanks, but the company's offering a summer special with free shipping. Sounds great, but we're just thinking that all propane tanks should be this way. That's the reason why we had a natural gas line installed, and now we never worry about running out of propane, but are always concerned about leaving the gas running for a week at a time. [The Tank]

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