The Stallion, World's Most Expensive Bigwheel

stallion.jpg$30,000 may sound like a lot to pay for a three-wheeler, but The Stallion by Thoroughbred Motorsports seeks to be an economic performance vehicle, combining car comfort with motorcycle acceleration.

Featuring a 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine that pushes 150HP, five-speed automatic transmission, and even A/C, The Stallion would make one hell of an unimpressive car, but it's not a car, it's a superlight vehicle that we're certain gets a crazy 0-60. The rider and passenger sit front to back, which won't allow for easy conversation, but the 45MPG highway might make up for lost chatter (besides, who likes easting bugs anyway).

I'm not in love with The Stallion, but I could be. A reworked body, the proper marketing campaign, and maybe a few extra miles per gallon in the city (35 isn't much), and I'll be on board. Just convince my wife that it really isn't a motorcycle. [product via scifitech]

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