The Helio Fin is a Magnesium-Cased Samsung Ultra Flip Phone!

Fin—Front-Helio-Cover.jpgHoly crap. The Helio Fin is the company's first clamshell, and is built on Samsung Ultra phone DNA. As such, it's only 11.4mm thick, and hot damn, it's the only one made of magnesium. It's also the only Helio handset to have Garmin turn-by-turn GPS software on it, although you'll have to rent it to a sick tune of $3 a day. (Bleh!) The cameraphone is a generous 3MP, however.And it records video to MPEG 4. The screen is 2.3 inches, 320 by 240 pixels, and has a mediocre full HTML browser, but the Opera browser hack should work just fine on it. One hundred MB of internal memory is supplemented with a 2GB microSD card. And of course it has that 3G network powered by Sprint (our favorite). Very sexy, and just the kind of handset the carrier needs. [Helio]


Helio Debuts Garmin Mobile and Customizable RSS Feeds for H.O.T.

LOS ANGELES, CA - August 15, 2007 - Helio's portfolio of innovative mobile devices just got thinner with the introduction of Fin

by Samsung, the thinnest folder currently available in the U.S. True to Helio form, Fin's ultra thin blue-black magnesium body comes packed with Helio's full line-up of 3G content and services including MySpace on Helio, GPS-enabled Google Maps

for mobile, YouTube

, HelioUP for instant upload of photos and video to YouTube

, Flickr and other destinations, plus Helio's messaging suite which combines Instant Messages, text messages, picture messages and emails in one ultimate inbox. Fin also debuts Garmin Mobile

for GPS-enabled voice-guided navigation and the addition of customizable RSS feeds to H.O.T. (Helio On Top), letting members sign up for updates on news and information they want delivered to their device home screen, no clicks required. "Our last device was proof of what Helio is capable of, but we're not resting on our laurels," said Sky Dayton, CEO of Helio. "Less than 90 days later, we're launching one of the thinnest folders on the market. Fin is smart, fast and powerful, but thin enough to slip into your pocket without a crease." The Fin Supercharged and ultra thin, the slim and fully loaded Fin is a powerhouse in blue-black magnesium and just over 11mm deep, the thinnest folder currently available in the U.S. Produced by Samsung, Fin runs on a high-speed nationwide 3G network, has a 3 megapixel camera with 4x digital zoom, night mode and built-in Photo Studio for high quality photos and video, a 2.3 inch QVGA display, 100MB available internal memory expandable via microSD

to 4GB, an HTML browser, GPS capabilities for integration with Helio's GPS services like Buddy Beacon and Google Maps for mobile, stereo Bluetooth and support for an array of audio and video formats including MP3 and AAC audio, and MPEG-4 and H.264 video. Fin also has communication covered with a version of Helio's ultimate messaging suite, combining Instant Messages, text messages, picture messages and emails in one messaging paradise. Fin has out-of-the-box access to Yahoo! Messenger, AOL's AIM

Service and Windows Live Messenger, email from Yahoo!

Mail, AOL

Mail, Windows Live Hotmail, Gmail

, Helio Mail, EarthLink

email, the ability to add additional IMAP or POP3 email accounts, and push mail support for Yahoo!, AOL, Windows Live and Helio Mail. More...


Point + Shoot + Share With HelioUP, high quality photos and video shot with Fin's 3 megapixel camera can instantly be uploaded to popular sites like YouTube

and Flickr

directly from the device, so members can capture and share their experiences as they happen. HelioUP is GPS-enabled so users can geo-tag photos and video with location information and other metadata. Another industry first, Helio is the only U.S. mobile operator to let members automatically post geo-tagged photos from their device directly to Flickr's World Map (, one of the world's largest collections of location tagged photos. Now members can photo blog a road trip, vacation or party, letting friends and family tune in on Flickr to not only see what happened, but where. Customizable RSS Feeds for H.O.T. (Helio On Top) Helio has added customization to the innovative H.O.T. (Helio On Top) service giving members with compatible devices click-free access to their favorite RSS feeds delivered directly to their device home screen. Through the new H.O.T. area of the Helio website, members can set as a H.O.T. channel one of the countless available RSS feeds on the Web. Members can also share their favorite RSS feeds with the Helio community or select from other member recommendations. Members can also still select from an assortment of optimized H.O.T. channels from Helio partners including Yahoo!, MTV, Accuweather, Surfline, The Onion and more. Whether it's their own blog, favorite news or weather site, the latest celebrity gossip or sports scores, members can have RSS feeds delivered right to their mobile device, no clicks necessary.

Garmin Mobile Helio members can now get voice-guided navigation with Garmin Mobile

. Utilizing the device's GPS capabilities, Garmin Mobile provides a moving map with turn-by-turn directions that follow the member in near real-time, making it easier than ever to get to a specific street addresses or any of nearly six million pre-programmed points of interest, including gas stations listed by price at the pump, ATMs, and more. Garmin Mobile can even check weather for driving conditions and find alternate routes in the event of heavy traffic. Garmin Mobile is available now on select Helio devices for $2.99 per day.

Fin Availability and Pricing Fin is now available at Helio retail locations, HYPERLINK "", by calling 888-88-HELIO and at thousands of retail locations nationwide for $175 through a limited time offer for Helio Samsung devices. New members purchasing a Fin or other Samsung device on Helio receive $50 instant savings at Helio locations, or if purchased at third party retail locations, new members can mail in for a $50 Helio Visa prepaid debit card.

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