Tango Motorcycle is Like a Segway, But Less Pathetic

Tango.jpgSure, the Segway turned out to be a gigantic joke of a failure, but that doesn't mean the technology from the dork transporter is useless. Some clever high school kids from Canada have designed a really unique motorcycle-type vehicle called the Tango that uses the same balance-based tech for control.Rather than having its two wheels in front of each other, the Tango places them next to each other. The rider perches above them and leans forward to accelerate, back to slow down, and side to side to turn. It's a completely electric vehicle, meaning it has no emissions, but because of that it has a top speed of only 40MPH. It looks like a lot of fun, and a hell of a lot less embarrassing to be seen on than the Segway. Hopefully someone will pick up this design and get it out there for people to scoot around on at some point. [Canoe via Oh Gizmo!]

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