Surgically Implanted Bra is Like an External Bra, but With More Horrible Surgery Involved

brasurgery.JPGGreat news, ladies! There's a new option for invasive, elective surgery that's meant to help your boobs look exactly how you think men want them to look: the surgically implanted bra. It's just as delightful as it sounds!

What we've done is build a silicon bra, insert it into the body and attach it to the ribs and to the fascia. It's like a normal external bra where a strip lies on the shoulder and attaches around the body. We attach it to the ribs instead of to the shoulder, and to the fascia in the lower part of the body."

Holy shit. Even as someone without breasts, that makes my breasts hurt just imagining it. But hey, you can't stop the progress train, I guess. [Isreal21c via MedGadget]

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