Steve Jobs Announces iLife '08

ilife.jpgiLife gets its long-rumored refresh in iLife '08, with iPhoto adding a new feature called "Events." It takes photo albums and organizes them as "events" automatically. "Instead of looking through 5,000 photos, you're just looking through 100 events," said Steve Jobs at the Apple event today.

Defining events is customizable by time frame, and a day can be split into multiple events by simply picking the first photo of each and hitting "split." Mouse over an event in the library to preview, "called 'skimming'." You can pick a photo to represent an event. You can search by tags, sorted by event, and you can hide photos you don't want to see rather than deleting.

Mac is now "married" to iPhoto, and their offspring dubbed .Mac Web Gallery. One button photo sharing is integrated into iPhoto '08—it pumps out a web gallery and uploads it automatically. "Users can contribute photos from anywhere" by sending them to a special email address and "photos sync to your iPhoto library." You can also have it auto-download to your iPhone. The web app acts just like iPhoto: you can skim "right on the web page," look at photos in a bunch of different ways (mosaic, slideshow, carousel, etc.) and get information about them.

Jobs also announced an updated version of the video editing application iMovie to go along with iLife '08. Calling it "a completely new way of editing video," the Apple CEO called it "startlingly better." Jobs says it's designed to be able to put together a movie in 30 minutes. It has a completely new user interface, too.

It first shows up with a new star icon. It holds all of your video applications in one library, working very much like iPhoto. It now supports the newest HD camcorders that use the AVCHD codec, as well as HDV and DV cams. It offers easier scrubbing of clips, as one-click sharing to YouTube.

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