State of Blu-ray: Not So Good?

According to the HD DVD fan-site campaignhd, the state of Blu-ray (the format in general) is anything but good. Keep in mind that this is an HD DVD site—which may or may not be sponsored by the HD DVD camp—so their complaints might be a little "off." However, they do provide ample links for the statements they make, which makes us take pause and wonder if Blu-ray really is this deep in shit.

Among the observations culled together from separate news stories and "insider intelligence":

• The manufacturing yield rates on BD50 (the 50GB discs) are only 40% from Sony manufacturers and down to 10% yields on non-Sony manufacturers. That means only one in 10 discs made by a non-Sony plant works as a BD50 disc. This in turn leads to higher costs.

• BD1.1 player spec is hard to develop for, leading the only BD1.1 player to be delayed until Q2 2008.

• BD-J, the language they use for special features on discs, is horrible to program for, as we saw already.

• PS3 sales are only 1/4 as much as the 6 million target.

• At least one studio unhappy with Blu-ray.

How much of this is true is still up in the air, but it does give us another look behind the scenes of the format wars. [Campaignhd]

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