Shadow SS Watch Has Two Faces, Frightens Us

Final%3A5%202Face.jpgThe Shadow SS watch is a two-faced little son-of-a-product from a very clever design house indeed. That is because, as your mother told you, appearances can be deceiving. The Shadow SS proves your mother was right, again.

The watch on first inspection may appear to be your average run-of-the-mill, square- faced, metal bracelet, snazzy timekeeper, but the twist comes in when you depress that sneaky LED activation button. This turns the once analog watch into a time whore, simultaneously displaying digital and analog time readouts. The two displays can even be programmed to show different time zones.

This watch reminds us of the Lion King , specifically when the hyenas joined the lions. The two were just not meant to mix and we think there was a very good reason for it. It scares us. Mind you, we are big blogging sissies. If you still want one, cough up your $199 and let us be done with this frightening affair. [Product Page via Technabob]

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