Sony VAIO LT HD PC/TV is a Mini Entertainment Centre

sony_lt_mit_cablecard.jpg This Sony LT HD PC/TV makes its mark as a mini home theater with its Blu-ray drive on board as well as a CableCard slot. But that Blu-ray drive not only plays back HD movies on the PC's 22-inch widescreen, but can also record 50 gigs of sweet HD on a single disk. It has a lot more that'll turn it into a space-saving entertainment center, too.LT5.jpg It's a TV as much as it is a Core 2 Duo PC, and you can turn on and off the TV without waiting for that PC to boot. If you don't want to spend $2900 on all that fancy HD stuff, there is an LT standard model that costs $1900, and doesn't have that Blu-ray drive on board. Now if Sony could just take this technology and put it into a quiet home theater PC with HDMI outputs, we would be first in line. [Sony]

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