Sony Rolls Out Three Universal Remote Styles

sony_remotes.jpgSony's making it look like it's fishing for buyers of remote controls, rolling out three different form factors of its latest universal remotes on the same day. There's the RM-PZ1FD, that earthy colored wide remote for those who like to keep the control on the arm of a chair or use it like a laptop; there's the slim rectangular RM-PZ1SD (and we especially like the white one with the green, blue and white number pads); and then there's the curved design of the RM-PZ1D, looking like the most ergonomic of the trio. The three styles will have one odd characteristic in common. They're water resistant. Why is that, because these might be used around a swimming pool? Or maybe some users in Japan have spilt coffee or tea on the remote-control one too many times.

Sony says the remotes have a special wide-angle infrared LED that makes it so you don't have to point the remote directly at the TV set for it to work, a big plus. But we don't see any backlighting on those buttons, which would be a major disadvantage.

These remotes will first be seen on the Japanese market, selling for ¥2468, which would be a bargain-priced $22 if they ever make it Stateside. [AVing, via OhGizmo]

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