Sony IFA 07 Presser

IMG_3683.JPGWe're here at Sony's press conference. Hit the jump for updates. You know, for those up at 3:00am.


They're talking about change, how Sony needs to keep up with the industry. To Sony this means networking and HD. IMG_3699.JPG Or I guess, more clearly, networking your HD. 75% of all Sony products should be HD compatible by March 2008.

Now they are showing the new Bravia commercial. World premiere! Oh, then they didn't show it. Teases.

On to Blu-ray players, the BDP S300 and 500. Say it with me, commenters. OLD!

Blu-ray is key to Sony, the explain. It's more than the PS3 or your TV. That's why it's in their laptops now.

New Cybershots. 16x9. Smile detection. Will take pictures automatically when people smile. HD out for TVs. IMG_3705.JPG

All the following is Europe only. IMG_3708.JPGWalkman goes open. They say that they've listened to what consumers want, and this is the response. But, what exactly they mean is not being explained at the moment.

The acquisition of music is a hot topic. Consumers are demanding choice. With this in mind...

Not much. They are just talking about MP3 support without DRM. Etc. So sad.

Windows Media Player 11 on all Walkmen, and they are releasing a new generation. IMG_3721.JPG Now they are talking about S series updates. Two tiers, one with audio, one with video. They actually dropped this news yesterday at their conference in Japan. And, it's a memory upgrade.

And that's it. Then end. Sony goes open. OOHH!

And here i was hoping I could buy Spiderman and play it on every Sony product I owned.

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