Sony Aims for the Masses With Target-Exclusive Bravias

targetbravia.jpgEven if Target isn't so cozy with Sony as to sell Blu-Ray as its exclusive HD player, they're buddy-buddy enough that Target's selling some exclusive Bravia LCD sets through Both are 720p, with the 26-inch model going for $800, and the 32-inch for $900; they'll also be available in-store next month.They're both part of a Bravia line for big-box retailers (Wal-Mart's getting theirs next) directed at the mass market, much of which still balks at the prospect of dropping more than a grand on a TV—I know I do. While some of you guys might balk at lower-end HDTVs on the other hand, getting prices down to this level (or even lower) is really the only way most of the country's going to be dragged into the HD world proselytized for so hard by the industry. [Target/Target via Crave]

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