Sonic Spike CD Case Makes Us Reminisce

Sonicloser1.jpgI was thinking the other day, "Man, Sonic is useless these days; he should be created in a CD storage form factor." The Sonic Spike CD case does exactly that. This plush hedgehog discards its spiked surface protection against predation, just to store your valuable compact discs. You can hug him too, if you are into that kind of thing.

So, it may not be Sonic proper, but that guy is such a flop! He would probably scratch your CDs and then get his ass kicked by a fat plumber in red dungarees. At $14.36 you could instead invest in the competent, Sonic Spike CD case. Truthfully, in either black/grey or cream/brown, it will not bring you back to those crazy rolling times of Sonic on the Megadrive, but it might snatch your dignity from you, whilst Tails looks on apathetically. We know Tails; it hurts—it hurts us too, man. It hurts us too. [Product Page via Popgadget] .

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