Solar Bikini Returns to Siggraph, Intimate Gaming Bra and Boxers Debut

siggraph_bras.jpgSiggraph 2007 (which stands for Special Interest Group/Graphics) is underway, and one of our favorite parts of the annual design and innovation shindig is the Unravel fashion show, where this year's strange brew includes an updated version of the solar bikini and intimate controllers for a couple to play video games by touching each other.

While we always thought you didn't need electronics to play games by touching each other, but in the interest of technological innovation, such things have been invented. With this far-fetched flight of fancy, there are two controllers involved: one mounted in a bra that you see in the picture here, and the other in a pair of boxer shorts. Of course the bra was intended for the women and the boxer shorts for the men, but being the pervs that we are, we figure they might be interchangeable according to which type of game you're playing. Each one has six sensors on board, some of them placed in much more intimate spots than others, and all controlling various parts of games.
The solar bikini is making an encore appearance from last year, and this year it has 1"x 4" photovoltaic film strips sewn together, pumping out 5 volts of juice into a (of course) female USB connection. We're not seeing a lot of difference between this one and last year's, but we do like this model a lot better, although we'd like to see a lot more of her. But this year there's also a solar speedo for guys in the show, and it's reported to have really, really voluminous surface area to soak up lots of energy. Real he-man stuff. [Siggraph Unravel]

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