Sleek Audio SA6 Earphones Let You Change the EQ With Interchangeable Parts

sa6_earphones_front.jpgHere's a unique idea: Sleek Audio just rolled out its SA6 earphones with interchangeable parts that can either accentuate the highs or lows according to your whim. Called the VQ System, you're offered a choice of three small attachments to the earbuds that regulate the amount of treble you'll hear. On the other side of each earpiece, there's a choice of three interchangeable bass ports that can either smack you upside the head with some big booming bass, or physically roll off the lows according to your preference. In fact, just about every part of these unique earphones is replaceable.


sa6_inside.jpg Take a look at that diagram above, and you'll see that even the cables on these mini-cans are interchangeable. The company says they sound good enough to be called "in-ear monitors." The last time we tried earphones that called themselves that (the much-vaunted Shure E5c), they had the best audio reproduction we'd ever heard. But then, those were $500 earphones—we're wondering if these Sleek Audio phones can match up to them for a comparatively low $229.99 price. To find out, we'll have to wait until they ship in mid-October. [Sleek Audio, via Audio Junkies]

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