Skyscraper Photo PC's Case Made Entirely of Wood

stephenson_casemod.jpgWe're big fans of master craftsman and computer constructor Jeffrey Stephenson's work, and now he's outdone himself with the Skyscraper Photo PC, made entirely of basswood and mahogany veneer. We've shown you some of Stephenson's work before, the beautiful Decomatic Model 12, and now it looks like he's outdone himself with this case mod with a flat panel display out front to show off your favorite pics or vids. hammond2.jpgThe Skyscraper Photo PC is modeled after a 1931 Hammond Gregory clock (pictured above), a mantle timepiece that mimicked skyscrapers of the Deco era.

On Stephenson's PC, that's an 11.3" LCD up front, which he scavenged from an automotive ceiling-mounted DVD player. There's a Via motherboard inside with a fanless 1GHz C7 processor, 1GB of RAM, a 120W picoPSU power supply and it even has a CompactFlash adapter.

It's just gorgeous. [Slippery Skip]

UPDATE: Here's a size comparison shot: 065.jpg

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