Skybus Airline Service Offers Flights As Low As $40 Round Trip

520px-Skybus_livery.jpgSkybus is a new value airline that focuses itself around cheap flights costing as little as $10 dollars one way (before additional fees and taxes). A round trip ticket can cost as low as $40 out the door. While the Columbus, OH company offers service to 14 cities across the nation, this idea isn't as perfect as it seems.

Skybus is far from a fully functioning airline. Currently, all flights must run through Columbus, meaning you can't fly direct from Los Angeles to San Francisco using Skybus. A $10 dollar one-way ticket is more of an exception than the norm. Only flights to and from nearby cities such as Cincinatti offer prices that low, and only if you book your flight months in advance. A cheap flight from the west coast will cost somewhere around $175. Still pretty cheap, but hardly a steal.

In order to profit from this service, Skybus has to plaster the cabin with ads, turn flight attendants into gift shop sales people and charge for everything above and beyond your ticket. Including checked baggage. It'd be great to see Skybus grow to a point where flights between nearby cities across the nation are all $10, but we'll watch with a skeptical eye for now. [Popular Science]

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