Sirius Stiletto 2 and Sportster SP 5 Coming Soon?

stiletto-sirius.jpgStraight from the mouth of Jim Meyer, Sirius' President of Operations and Sales, comes this quasi-announcement of the Sirius Stiletto 2 and Sportster SP5:

We are preparing for the launch of some new after-market products, including a new wearable product, Stiletto 2, and a new Sportster SP5. Stay tuned for more details on these exciting new products next month.

We now believe that Sirius has reached market share parity in the wearable category and we expect to be the leader with the introduction of the new Stiletto 2 this fall.

Seeing as there haven't been any announcements, featurewise or otherwise, on the Sirius Stiletto 2, Jim's mention of the player is probably an unintentional slip. We just hope that the second edition fixes all the horrible headphone requirements the first version had. [Orbitcast]

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