Sirius Sportster 5 Goes Color

SP5_L.jpgWith Sirius' new Sportster 5 their dockable line has finally gone color. Featuring both a color display and a customizable backlighting to match your dash, the new Sportster is sure to offer hours of heated discussions over the merits of various schools of color design. Other than that, upgrades seem scant. The unit will offer 16 more minutes of recording (now you can record up to an hour of Sirius broadcast) but otherwise the same FM transmission and other (Fill in Special Feature)â„¢ stay intact. Look for the Sportster 5 debuting this fall at $169.99. Hit the jump for the feature list in full. FEATURES:

* Large multi-color display: easy viewing and use * Selectable colors: match your dash lights and mood * SIRIUS Universal docking capability * SIRIUS Replayâ„¢: pause, rewind and replay up to 60 minutes of live radio * FM transmitter or stereo audio output to connect your vehicle's radio * FM preset function: allows you to store the best FM frequencies in your area for optimum integration * 30 presets: enjoy fast access to your favorite channels * S-Seekâ„¢ Alert: so you won't miss your favorite artists, songs and sports * One-Touch Jumpâ„¢ button: direct access to local traffic and weather, or your favorite channel * Personalized sports ticker: real-time updates of your favorite sports * Rotary tuning knob: surf channels on the fly * Sports Alertâ„¢: track your favorite sports team and race driver * Parental controls: easily lock and unlock channels * Alarm clock w/snooze: wake up to your favorite channel * Complete vehicle kit includes radio, dock w/suction cup mount and vent mounts, remote control, vehicle power adapter, magnetic mount satellite antenna and FM extender antenna

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