Silly String Rifle Makes War Games… Sillier

silly-string-rifle.jpgSilly string seems to have lost some of its popularity in the past few years, but that might be just from my perspective. It's kind of a kid-centric toy, as getting covered in stinky foam isn't the most fun thing in the world when you're a responsible adult such as myself. But if you're still into it, you might as well take your Silly Stringing to the next level with this Silly String Rifle. I doubt it'll improve your distance or accuracy, but it'll make you feel like more of a badass, which has got to count for something. [Product Page via Nerd Approved]

AU: If I've learned anything from Funniest Home Videos, it's that silly string + candles = lethal fireball, so this could be used for evil as well as good.

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