Sharp Unveils "Experimental" LCD TVs Just 20 mm Thick

sharp05.jpgSharp has unveiled a new LCD TV, described by its president as "experimental." And if you thought that three-and-a-quarter inches was thin, then try three-quarters of an inch. Mikio Katayama, President of Sharp, didn't go into too much detail about the new screens, but this is what he did say: Screen thickness: Between 20 and 29mm (that's a maximum of just over one inch) Contrast ratio 100,000:1 Living contrast: 3,000:1 (200 luces) Color reproducibility at NTSC ratio approx 150 per cent Response speed: 4 ms Weight: 55 pounds Annual electric power consumption: 140kWh

The company also showed off some novel ways of displaying and storing the screen. I'm not quite sure how the fold-up version works, but it's the first origami telly I've ever seen. [Impress through Google Translate]

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